SB Showdown

Cal Coast Sports Ventures, LLC will hold the Santa Barbara Showdown along the beautiful sunny coastline of Santa Barbara at the Santa Barbara Polo Grounds on October 18th and 19th, 2014.

We would like to thank our Partners and Sponsors for their overwhelming interest and continued support.  We are committed to the highest standards of quality to the level that players, sponsors and fans rightly expect and look forward to holding one of the best lacrosse events in the nation, here in Santa Barbara.


The 2014 Santa Barbara Showdown is a premiere 128 team tournament, open to BOYS and GIRLS with divisions for Under-9 through Under-17 lacrosse teams.

Registration for the 2014 Tournament:


Registration Fees

Early Bird Registration & Payment:
$500 Deposit Due By May 15th.  Balance due by September 1st.


Regular Registration & Payment:

$500 Deposit Due By July 15th.  Balance due by September 1st.
All Deposits & Payments Are Non-Refundable And Non-Transferable


Video Services
Services Provided by LaxRatz:
$149 For Your Unedited Game Posted On-Line When Ordered During SB Showdown Registration
$199 Per Player To Make A Recruiting Video (Players Order After Tournament)



A typical Fall/Winter day in Santa Barbara is Sunny and 70 degrees.  In the best interests of participant safety and the tournament facilities, Cal Coast Lacrosse reserves the right to postpone or cancel games due to inclement weather. (This is highly unlikely.)  In the event that a registered team does not appear for a scheduled game, Cal Coast Lacrosse will assist in trying to arrange a replacement game, but cannot reasonably guarantee that a replacement game will be provided. Teams that do not show up for scheduled games will be subject to disqualification from the current and future tournaments.




All NCAA rules apply with the following exceptions listed below

Time Factors: 25 minute running halves. Maximum three minute halftime breaks.

Exceptions: the clock stops on all whistles during the last 2 minutes of the second half and when there is an undue delay in retrieving an out of bounds ball and during timeouts. During Sudden Death overtime there is no clock except for penalty time.

Team Uniforms: All players must wear the same jerseys. Helmets and shorts do not have to match a 30 second technical foul will result for a violation

Face-offs: Sticks are to be next to, but not touching the ball (same rule as prior to 2005). Gloves and the crosse can touch the centerline. The 2008 NCAA rule requiring the faceoff man to leave the field when a faceoff violation occurs is not used.

Penalty Time: Penalty time does not start until the whistle is blown to start play.

Time-outs: Live ball time-outs can be called with the ball anywhere on the field. Teams are allowed one 30 second timeout per half (Clock stops during timeouts).

Substitution: No horn; subs are done on the fly and through the scorer’s table area, except after a goal is scored.

Restarts: Very quick restarts, except goalie gets 5 seconds when he has legitimately chased a shot. When there is a time serving penalty, restart shall occur after foul is signaled to scorers table and ball is set.

Advancing the ball: The 30 second count to advance the ball is used.

Stalling: A stall warning may be given (see Rule 6, Section 11b), requiring the warned team to keep the ball in the NCAA attack area.

Automatic stall warning at end of second half: A team does have to “get it in” during the last two minutes of the game. The NCAA attack area is used, not sideline-to-sideline.

Dive rule: The NCAA “dive rule” is not used. The rule is simple: a goal is disallowed only when an offensive player is in the crease before the ball crosses the goal line.

Long sticks: The allowable number of long sticks on the field is six.

Stick checks: None

Equipment: Palms of gloves can be cut out. Arm pads, shoulder pads, and mouthpieces are not required.

Expulsion from game: Officials must report to the director, the name and the number of any player expelled for Fighting. Player is suspended for remainder of game and their next game.

Use of Ineligible or Illegal Players: A team whose opponent has used an ineligible or illegal player should report the incident to the director, teams in violation will forfeit that game.

Non-releasable penalties will not exceed one minute.

Alternate Possession: Will be decided by coin toss between opening face-off men.

Overtime: In the event a game ends tied there will be sudden death overtime. There are no clocks or timeouts in overtime.  “NEXT GOAL WINS”


Miscellaneous Tournament Information:

*All information will be posted on the SANTA BARBARA SHOWDOWN website.

Trainers – Look for our trainer station, which will be located under one of our tents. Taping, first-aid and injury ice are available at that station.

Officials – Each game will have officials provided.

Water – Water will be provided on the grounds but participants should also bring their own water bottles, as with most tournaments.

Food & Beverages – Provided on site.

Vendors – Cal Coast Lacrosse Tents, Local Vendors, Partners and Sponsors, Apparel Sales, Massage station, and more.  Contact Us if you would like more information.




We are always looking for sponsors for the tournament.

If your team sponsor or any other potential sponsor might be interested in our event, please contact us and we will arrange for them to receive our sponsorship information.


Airplanes and Automobiles:

Santa Barbara Airport (SBA):

Located at 500 Fowler Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93117, SBA offers 5 major airlines, 6 non-stop flights and over 200 one-stops.  Airlines that fly into SBA include:

American Eagle 800.433.7300 (non-stop to Los Angeles)
Frontier Airlines  800.4321359 (non-stop to Denver)
Alaska Airlines 800. 252-7522 (non-stop to Seattle)
United Express 800.United1 (non-stop to Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco). 
USAirways 800.428.4322 (non-stop to Phoenix)

Car Rental @ Santa Barbara Airport:

Budget: (805) 964-6792

Enterprise: (805) 683-3012

Hertz: (805) 692-2831

National: (805) 967-1204

Avis: (805) 964-4848

Alamo: (805) 967-1204

Thrifty: (805) 681-1222

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX):

All major airlines fly from here.  LAX is at least a 2-hour drive to/from Santa Barbara, so plan accordingly.

Car Rental @ LAX

All Major Car Rental companies operate through LAX.

Or, you can take the Santa Barbara AirBUS.  Click here for their schedule.


Cal Coast Lacrosse has already contracted with several local hotels in the Santa Barbara area, providing special rates for our lacrosse weekend, including:

Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort

$179 per night plus Tax

Located near Downtown Santa Barbara and  The Beach


*More Hotels will be listed…


We look forward to seeing you in Santa Barbara in October 2014 for the 1st Annual SANTA BARBARA SHOWDOWN!